Bow Island Community Bible Church

The Island of Hope was founded by a group of families in Bow Island who were praying for another evangelical church in the town of Bow Island, population 2000.  They realized after praying that God had called them to form that church.  Two years in they were gifted a building - an old raquetball court, and this formed the core of what God was calling them to do and be.  A new pastor joined them with a passion for creation science, and the upper storey of the building was shaped into a Creation Discovery Center, the only one of its kind in Southern Alberta.  All the exhibits were handcrafted by the talent within the church, and it was even visited by public school groups!  

Another passion that grew was for using drama as an outreach tool.  For the last 10 years the church has connected people from all over the community in their annual fall productions, writing, directing, set design and all of the acting performed by people in and connected to the community.  Multiple performances per season meant that though their venue only had seating for 60, as many as 600 people per year would attend their Bible-centered plays.

In 2015, God began a new chapter in the history of this "little church that could".  The pastor of 15 years stepped down to pursue speaking as a creation science educator and moved the Creation Discovery Center to Brooks, adjacent to Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNSECO World Heritage Site.  Founding Grasslands Church pastor, Oliver Edwards, got the call and moved the church to a new building - an old bowling alley.  After demonstrating the arts potential of the new building by hosting Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys to a packed house of 275+, renovations continue as we prepare for our next production!