Born from the determination and conviction of a few humble missionaries who planted our first Canadian church in 1998, weekly attendance at our three churches has grown to nearly 600 individuals, and we have helped 190 adults come to faith in Christ. As we step back and survey the further impact of our churches’ missions, ministries and local outreach, we see even more lives touched throughout communities and across cultures.

We are truly blessed and encouraged by the progress that we have seen since planting our first Regional Mother Church – Grace Community Church (now Renew Church Meadowvale) – in Canada’s largest urban center, the Greater Toronto Area. We have witnessed a wellspring of growth emerge from Renew including the launches of the Village Community Church (now Renew Church Milton) and Renew-Mayfield West which is also located in the GTA. Community of Hope Church in the Greater Vancouver Area was launched in 2007. In 2011, Renew and Hope partnered to launch our fourth church, Grasslands Church, in Medicine Hat, AB.

Early in 2016, we were excited to welcome our first adopted church into our fellowship, Bow Island Community Bible Church in Bow Island, AB.

Today, our six church campuses continue to grow steadily, regularly welcoming new visitors, adding to their membership and crossing cultural divides. Each church serves a diverse mix of 15 to 30 different ethnic groups and Renew has established our very first ethnic-specific ministry, Viva Brasil (Portuguese). To learn more about our Canadian churches, please visit their respective pages by clicking on the logo or name below:

Renew Church - Meadowvale - Mississauga, Ontario

Our motto encapsulates our desire to stick to the basics of faith as defined by Jesus in Matthew 22: “Love God with everything you've got and love other people as much as you love yourself.”

Renew Church - Milton - Milton, Ontario

Our dream is to be a groundbreaking church – one that impacts hundreds of lives by personally connecting people with the message of Jesus in a relevant, down-to-earth way.

Renew Church - Mayfield West - Caledon, Ontario

Our newest multisite church – that is committed to helping people find new faith, new focus, and new frontiers. Come find out, hang out and help out!

Community of Hope - Surrey, British Columbia

Hope is something we can't live without, but too often, the struggles and disappointments of life cause our hope to fade, and life loses its sense of adventure. At Hope, we have come to discover how to keep hope alive through God.

Grasslands Church - Medicine Hat, Alberta

Our vision at Grasslands Church is to exist so you can experience abundant life by finding God, forming healthy relationships and fulfilling your potential.

Island of Hope - Bow Island, Alberta

Our motto at Bow Island has always been "the little church that could."  Our vision is to embrace and share the unconditional love of Jesus with all.  Living for Jesus in and around Bow Island.