Grasslands Church

From our third Canadian church – Community of Hope Church – came Grasslands Church, our fourth church plant. Oliver Shane Edwards, originally from Alberta, and Bart Blair hailing from Texas and worship leader at Grace Community Church, both followed God’s call to Alberta. Oliver interned at Community of Hope Church under Philip Bryant while Bart joined the team at Grace Community Church and led worship there for 10 years. The leadership teams at Grace and Hope gave Oliver and Bart their blessing to begin a new church in the Grasslands of Alberta, hence the name and church was born.

Grasslands Church launched September 11, 2011, from a healthy core group of families meeting Sunday evenings prior to the launch. Grasslands held many community events leading up to the launch as it hosted teams from the U.S. and Canada. Grasslands held its first public baptism in October welcoming five new believers into the kingdom. Founding Pastor Oliver Edwards moved on to Bow Island to accept the lead pastor position at Island of Hope.  Current lead pastor, Pastor Bart also provides specific insight into the house church structure and leads Grassland's worship music.