Ted & Elise's Bio

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Ted is a Certified Public Accountant with over 35 years of accounting experience emphasizing individual and small business corporate taxation. In addition, Ted accumulated 28 years of technical and management experience in various federal agencies.

After surrendering their lives to Jesus in their mid-thirties, by God’s grace, Ted and his wife, Elise, had an exciting life transformation which changed the face of their future. As part of their 10 years at Waldorf, MD GBC, they administrated and led teams with Total Mobilization Support Ministries. TMSM was a U.S. ministry involving 21 short-term mission projects throughout Latin America and Asia. Ted also served as a representative for Grace Brethren Financial and Estate Planning Ministries for eight years until 2006, and together with Elise led seminars on estate planning, debt-free living and budgeting.

After a few years of long-distance administration with the GBCanada team from their home in Maryland, Ted and Elise became second-career missionaries. In 2001, the empty-nesters moved to an area outside of Toronto to serve onsite in the church planting ministries of GBCanada with Ted continuing to serve the financial and administrative needs with Elise as his financial assistant. Feeling the urge to go west, the couple moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta in November 2014 to help with the Grasslands Church, the fourth church planted by GBCanada.

In addition to managing the many accounting, legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a growing Canadian fellowship of churches, Ted and Elise were part of the team that launched the Village Community Church in September 2006, the second church planted by GBCanada. Ted and Elise remain active in several other ministry areas at the Grasslands Church. In addition to their financial ministry, Ted and Elise are guest speakers at couple’s encounters and provide premarital/marital guidance and church management services at their local church. To complement his accounting degree, Ted has a Masters in Ministry from Grace Theological Seminary.  As part of their faith journey they recently downsized to become more moblile in assisting future church plants.

Ted has served on the Board for the Grace Brethren Investment Foundation (GBIF) since 2005. Ted and Elise are loving life more each day as their faith journey continues to lead them to new adventures with God. They have two great married sons, with delightful wives and five amazing grandchildren, all living in the States.

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