GBCanada’s Strategic Plan

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CANADA NEEDS CHURCHES - Declining church attendance and rising numbers of non-Christian immigrants have fueled a need for new and relevant churches in Canada.

CHURCHES NEED LEADERS - A true movement of churches across Canada depends on a sustainable succession of committed and passionate leaders.

LEADERS NEED SUPPORT - Emerging leaders desperately need our support to overcome the financial burden and time constraints that urban living places on them.

GBCANADA SUPPORTS OUR CHURCHES, OUR LEADERS AND CANADA - Our mission is to support and empower our churches to recruit and develop new leaders who can spearhead a movement of new churches throughout Canada’s major urban centers.


Creating a movement of church planting across Canada

Recognizing a need

As the Canadian population continues to grow and diversify, there follows a rapidly increasing need for new and relevant churches to share the Gospel and make new disciples. Shifting societal values and unprecedented immigration rates have resulted in rising numbers of unbelievers. Average weekly church attendance has steadily declined from peaks of 70 percent in 1950 to only 15 percent of Canadians attending in 2006. Contributing to this decline is the fact that Canada is now home to its largest proportion of foreign-born immigrants in 75 years, largely from the Middle East and Asia. These shifts in the country’s makeup have had the greatest impact on Canada’s large urban centers.

Our solution

GBCanada’s vision is to see a reproducing church launched in every major metropolitan area of Canada by 2020. We believe that successful growth is best achieved by empowering our existing churches to multiply. Our mission is to stimulate a nationwide movement of churches by aiding in the recruitment and training of leaders to pilot that movement.

We have targeted six metropolitan areas for church planting by the year 2020: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. Through a coordinated internship strategy executed within the context of our churches, we will develop leaders who will form and spearhead church planting teams into these six regions. Our churches and their leaders will be guided, supervised and evaluated by our Executive Team and the GBCanada Board of Directors with additional support from the U.S. facilitated by the GBCanada USA Board of Trustees.

Requirements for a movement

Substantial leadership, manpower and funding are all required in equal measures to achieve our goals. We are actively seeking emerging leaders and impassioned individuals who share our vision to help with our mission today.

Also, in addition to funding already received from supporting American and Canadian churches and motivated individuals, we pursue grants in the U.S. and Canada with a goal to receive 25% of our funding need in grant funding by 2020. These grants will fund our interns and support church planting initiatives along with the funds generated by a stable donor base.


GBCanada was incorporated in 1998 following the launch of our first church in Canada. We now have four healthy and culturally rich church communities located in three of our targeted urban regions: the Greater Toronto Area (Mississauga and Milton) in Ontario, the Greater Vancouver Area (Surrey) in British Columbia and Medicine Hat (near Calgary) in Alberta.  We continue to drive growth under the leadership of our Executive Team, a group equipped with combined experience in church planting, ministry, mentoring, discipleship, administration and finance.