Kim Got Baptized

On Friday, November 14, our friend Kim got baptized! The -20 degree weather didn't hinder a wonderful evening of fellowship and celebrating Kim's newly found relationship with Jesus. Here's Kim's story in her own words:

I am so blessed to have a wonderful son (Shane) and great family members. They have supported me through good times and bad.

I started going to church earlier in my life off and on growing up. When I had Shane I went to Westminister United Church here in Medicine Hat.

Eventually I stopped going, for many reasons; my divorce for one. I did not feel good enough and at that time I had lost all hope of being forgiven for my sins. I gave up on myself. 
I hurt a lot of people with my actions. I even hurt myself (heart attack and nearly lost my life in 2006).

God gave me a second chance.

My family and friends tried to get me to attend Grasslands Church for at least 2 years. One day I did go. I listened to what Pastor Bart had to say and I enjoyed the music, and, yes, I did go back.

I kept going back. I felt like I was missing something in my life and I wanted to have a relationship with Jesus. I want to give my life to Jesus.

I started attending a Diiscovery Group with Norm and Linda. I truly believe, after attending this group, that God loves me and wants a relationship with me. And I want one with Him. I do believe that there is more to it than just to pray daily. You have to open your heart and trust and have faith in Jesus.

The reason I chose to get baptized at this time in my life is because I want to follow Jesus and build a relationship with Him; and someday be in heaven. And I want to continue my life's journey, my new beginning - a better life -following him.

This is truly the best time in my life; surrounded by my family and friends and for me to take the next step. I am very blessed.