ASSIST Arrives!

“We believe that churches and leaders expand a movement, not organizations. Organizations can help, catalyze, support and resource… they can assist. That is why we chose the name Assist.” – NATHAN BRYANT

Assist is the new name of GBCanada USA! GBCanada USA is the church planting mission agency that has been working in Canada for the last 20 years planting churches for the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC). This change comes about as Go2 Ministries – the FGBC’s former national ministry for church planting in the USA – winds down its operations. The leadership of GBCanada feared that the movement might cease to exist in future years if new churches aren’t being started. With that motivation, they decided to broaden the mandate of GBCanada to include the USA.

Nathan Bryant, the executive director of GBCanada USA, spent seven months consulting with numerous pastors and leaders across the FGBC to develop a plan for a new organization to plant churches in the USA. In February 2017, the GBCanada USA board approved that proposal and decided to restructure the board, change the name and broaden the mandate.

In March of 2017, a group of FGBC pastors and leaders approved the proposal and direction. By May of 2017, the new board was formed with Dennis Fay, Bartley Sawatsky and Tim Farrant. The Canadian division of the ministry will continue to pursue church expansion in Canada under the name Assist Canada.

In June of 2017, the board approved three new project proposals, helped to secure a leader for a new Canadian project and also added an additional board member, Jeff Gill. Assist launches publicly in the month of July. 

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