Baptism Celebration

The Grasslands Church family is excited to celebrate two youngsters getting baptized today.

Avery Carlson (12) was baptized by his parents, Cindy and Dean. Here is an excerpt from Avery's faith story:

I have been a Christian for about 1 year. I became a Christian when I went to a camp in Pinecrest with my old church. There we had chapel and everything. And it inspired me to follow God. One chapel we were having a moment of silence and someone asked if they could renew their faith in Jesus so I took that chance to give my life to Jesus too.

I’ve been wanting to be baptized to show Jesus and to show everybody that I want to give my life to Jesus and to receive and believe in Jesus for the rest of my life.

By giving my life to Jesus I can have a relationship with Him. That means that I can be close to Him and know that He is there by my side at any and all moments in my life.

Silas Blair (10) was baptized by his parents, Pastor Bart and Elizabeth. Here is an excerpt from Si's faith story:

Today I am getting baptized because I want to show everybody that I am a follower of Jesus.

I will not have a perfect life. Nobody has a perfect life  - like, “I’m going to win every baseball game I play.” But having God in my life is a gift. And that gift will give me eternal life when I die. 

While I am still alive the gift means I get to be in God’s family. That means God is my father. I will have a relationship with him by spending time with Him. I will read my Bible and pray which will make our relationship better.

When I play baseball or other things in my life I want God to use me to show my teammates and friends about Him. I want to show them that God has made me a better person and I want Him to use me to show them that Jesus can be their Saviour too.