Amanda Got Baptized

May 29 | Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

On Thursday, May 29, Amanda Mellafont declared her faith in Jesus and was baptized by her husband Phillip at their community group gathering. Here is Amanda's story of faith in her own words:

My name is Amanda Mellafont. I've been married for 21 yrs and have 2 beautiful children. I live in Medicine Hat AB and love the fact you can get across this town in 15mins. Most of my childhood was growing up in Calgary, AB. I have no religious background and it was never spoken around us. Only my Uncle Grant from my (father's side) was religious. He would ask my siblings and myself to go with them, but I was the only one interested in going to Sunday school. Looking back at my childhood I was never closed minded about religion.  I didn't know who Jesus was because my parents showed no interest. Deep down I was curious and wondering who this man on the cross was. My life was far away from God and I was living a life just for myself.

A few years back Phillip, myself, and our daughter went through a horrible experience with our son. I was sad and felt there was no hope. I started to pray for the first time in my life. Out the blue, Phillip asked me to attend Grasslands church with him. Why not? They say first impressions are your biggest impact on a person. I was affected by Pastor Bart’s words and this roused my curiosity.  I did go back.  I did the discovery group with Phillip and he was ready to be baptized.  I wasn't yet. I even did some extra bible studies with Phillip and Dan. In our Community group meetings we were studying about "The Holy Spirit". This is when I had my first flicker of interest.  My biggest questions were, what is this The Holy Spirit and why was Jesus so important? I really just needed to do my own research. The Holy Spirit is God and Jesus is the man who died on the cross to give us eternal life.

I knew Phillip was praying for me. I have seen a positive outlook from Phillip and this inspired me to follow the path that god sets for us. I wanted to have a relationship with Jesus, so I started to write in a journal for myself. I have prayer request, quotes, and how to get to know god through Jesus. One evening, I was on my tablet searching.  It wasn't a bible verse or any self-teaching guides I've been doing for myself in the past. It was just a simple question asking myself when I was ready to believe. I then knew I was ready to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

God is working in my life, so I’m following his words and I know everything will work out. I've always been a happy person, but know I notice I spread joy a whole lot more, especially at work. This new relationship has changed my life for the better. Today I'm leaving my old life behind and starting a new life as a born again believer who is going to heaven.